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Wedding Dress Care

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable defining moments in your life. Here, at Barth’s Cleaning Centre, we know how much time, effort, and money you have invested in finding the perfect wedding dress that is a true expression of your love and commitment for your special day. You can count on us to help professionally clean your dress and or preserve it for posterity.

(Click Here for Caring for Your Preserved Gown)

We have several options available for your dress:

    • Wedding Dress Cleaning Only

When this service is pre-paid you can save $100 off the cleaning of your wedding dress.
We will gladly take care of the cleaning of your wedding accessories as well – veils, gloves, etc! The price varies according to the number and types of the accessories.

  • Wedding Dress Pressing

If you desire, your wedding dress can be pressed and/or steamed to be perfect for your special day.
Currently, the pricing for wedding dress pressing/steaming is paid by the minute. Please note that this cost is always due at the point of pickup.

  • Preservation After The Wedding

Preserving every aspect of your most special day is a great way to bring back sweet memories of the precious moments you shared with your husband, family and friends.
Preserving your wedding dress is something you should carefully consider as improper care/storage can ruin it and lead to oxidation of stains or yellowing. The best way to take care of your wedding dress is to leave this special task to the professionals. This is the only way you will be guaranteed a wedding dress that has been preserved for posterity and you can put in on again for vow renewal or give it to your daughter to wear on her wedding day and be sure that it will look as good as new!
Preservation is a service we offer in addition to the wedding dress cleaning. It includes the following: your dress will be sealed in a specially designed acid free box with a window (for viewing), and stored with acid free paper that will ensure its maximum protection and preservation.
If you choose this additional service, you’ll get a FREE complimentary pressing should you choose to wear this wedding dress again.

Note: the wedding dress must be returned to Barths Cleaning Centre UNOPENED.

Important Information:

Cleaning times for wedding dresses are typically one (1) month. This is due to the extra effort exerted to ensure your memories are as perfect as they can be.

While not every stain can be guaranteed to be removed, we do have a vast array of techniques to remove stains and ground in dirt. However, there are some that defy even our very best efforts.

Beads, sequins, threaded items and other types of attached trims may become detached during the cleaning process. As we are able and with your permission, we would attempt to repair or replace these but at additional cost. Any additional repair would need to be done by the original manufacturer before the preservation process takes place.

Some wedding dress manufacturers use heat glue or compound to attach trim work. This can become softened or dissolved during the cleaning process and little can be done to prevent this. Should the items slide or detach because of the use of a glue or adhesive, we cannot offer any kind of repair as this is due to a manufacturing issue.